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According to astrology thirumana porutham marriage matching in Tamil is the core and various other aspects of marriage surround it. Thirumana porutham involves comparison of the birth star janma nakshatra and Janma rasi of boy and girl to find their level of compatibility and ensure their happy and long life. To check for even more detailed thirumana porutham horoscope matching is done which is very precise. There are ten components of thirumana porutham marriage matching. Greater the number of porutham, better is their compatibility. The match is considered good. The compatibility levels are stated as uthamam, madhyamam and adhamam based on the levels of match porutham.

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Greater the porutham, uthamam is the match porutham. Now let us see the ten components of thirumana porutham in detail. After comparison of the stars of boy and girl, if the percentage of compatibility is high, that is if there is greater porutham then the match can go ahead. This will ensure a good future for the couple, free from various discomforts. But whatever the case may be,the 27th nakshatra, that is the last star has to be rejected from any calculation. In astrology the 27 nakshatras are divided into three sub categories or ganas.

They are deva ganam, raakshasa ganam and maanushya ganam. In thirumana porutham marriage matching Ganaporutham represents the physical characteristics that the boy and girl would share. This checks the compatibility of their characters with each other and with the society.

If they both belong to the same ganam, it is considered as most appropriate and is called eka ganam. If the boy boy and girl belong to deva ganam and maanushya ganam then we can go ahead with the match. But if both belong to raakshasa ganam the match is considered inappropriate. This also ensures the longevity of the bond the couple share. In thirumana porutham marriage matching , mahendra porutham is considered for santhanam progeny.

It Is the children who complete a family. Thus a positive mahendra porutham signals greater chances of achieving a complete family. Rajju is the sixth of the ten poruthams necessary to solemnize a Hindu marriage. It is said to be the most important out of the ten kootas or poruthams because it has in consideration the husband's long life if the Rajju porutham is properly studied and applied. This is important because the husband's long life ensures a happy relationship with his wife and would lead to a happy long life for both. Here, the birth stars of both the girl and the boy are formed into groups, each group then representing an essential part of the body.

Is it applicable in our case? Please reply. Namaste Kindly opt for paid consultations. Complete horoscope match making needs to be done before giving any opionion. Nothing happens just based on nakshatra. Sir, I have Danishta and my boy friend is Chitra.

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We have sirasu rajju. Can you horoscopes be matched? Is there any remedies for Rajju dosha? The horoscope matching is based on many factors, Rajju is just one factor out of many, the planetary promises in individual horoscope are more important as they can tell whether one will have a good married life or bad. In recent day my wife is more worried about rajju, please suggest how to overcome from this.

There is no need to worry, Just enjoy the married life and stop thinking about unnecessary things. The worry itself can create problems in future. Better stop worrying and focus on enjoying life. Rajju dosha alone is never a criteria for creating problems.

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Could you pls guide us? I was worried about rajju dosha but my father in law who was an astologer, told me that there is no worry about it and our marriage match is good. We are worried if there was any problem because of our marriage and this has happened in family. Sir… please tell us if there is any problem in our marriage. If so also please guide us with the solution.


Kindly do not encourage such blind faith in yourself. There will be no problem. Do not worry and do not let such doubts create problems. Hi, i am simma rasi magha star and he is dhanush rasi and moola star.. We are in love.. Is it adviceable for us to get married? Please reply.. I do not decide marriage just based on stars. This is incomplete method of matching horoscopes, I will need to check entire horoscope of both for promise of marriage and married life along with matching of planets. Kindly opt for paid consultations if you are interested in match making analysis.

Dear Sir, Im mrihasrisham 3rd paadham and my boy friend is Chittirai 4th paadam. We both are divorcee and now 2nd marriage for both of us. We both found ourselves compatible for 2nd marriage and decided to get married. Now unfortunately our parents went and saw the horsoscope for 2nd marriage and found we both have Siro rajuu and now objecting.

Is rajju applicable for 2nd marriage also. I really wanted to marry that person and be happy. Please give me some solution. Can I come and approach in person for a consultaton. Rajju dosha is considered in south, whereas it is not considered in north so these things are to be considered depending on desh, kaal, patra.

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Irrespective of any number of marriages these things have to be considered as after all every marriage is a marriage be it first or second. Only based on Rajju rejecting horoscopes is a faulty practice. If all other factors in the horoscope match there should be no problem, first is the promise of happiness from marriage and married life, if this is absent no amount of match making will help.

Thanks for the reply…your answer is little consoling. Should convey this information to our parents as well. Can we email our horoscopes to you? Can you please review and advise. How this should be done and I can also have a paid consultation. Please guide on further steps. Mine is head Rajju n husband is neck Rajju… I am dhanista n his is shatabisha.

Want to know who will leave this world first….

Rajju Porutham Exceptions in Tamil - ரஜ்ஜு பொருத்தம் பரிகாரம் - Rajju Porutham Pariharam in Tamil

Death predictions cannot be made on rajju, these are overhyped doshas and do not cause such grave problems unless both horoscopes indicate towards it. Death will depend on general longevity in the individual horoscope and doing death predictions is not in ethics of astrology. Live happily and cherish the moments as long as you are alive rather than wasting life over worrying who will die first.

Hi sir, my star and his star both falls on mrigaseera, but im mithunam and he is rishibam. It is advisable for us to get married? Does sirro rajju will affect the marriage? Is it correct? Both having Same nakshatra and rajju dosha is not going to affect married life unless there are such combinations in the individual horoscopes. I am moola nakshatra 3 pada female and he is jyestha nakshatra 3 pada.

Sir, My dob , 3. My husband dob Kumbha rasi, dhanista. We got married on We have son born on Krithika and vrishabha rasi. We got married as astrologers said evry thng is good. But found out now that siro rajju is there.. Our son is also very hyper active.. Seriously we are vexed up sir.

Rajju Porutham

Please tell me some remedy. Please consider my request sir. Kindly pray to Raghavendra swami and go to Rayar Mutt near you, your problem will be solved over time with devotion to rayaru. According to this article.