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Today's Aries horoscope • Daily Aries horoscope for Monday, October 7, Whats in store for zodiac sign Aries Today?.

Monthly Horoscope: Predictions for Capricorn

This is a time of great intuition, logic, clarity of thought,…. This month, avoid unnecessary physical health risks, no matter how compelling. If you were planning on going extreme rock climbing this November, consider resechudling. Capricorns are clumsy by nature, but this month, it will be more pronounced. You will be prone to indecision and angst this November. Be careful not to not to jump into a dangerous situation head-first, as you may hurt yourself, physically or emotionally. Your ability to manifest the creativity of yourself or others will prove useful this month, Capricorn.

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However, this will be no easy task. This November, you will be prone to laziness, which you must overcome to be successful.

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There is a high probability of workplace drama and tension this month, as well. When it comes to making something of the imagination into a tangible thing, Capricorn is more than prepared to handle the job.

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Remember to think outside the box. Now is a good time to focus on strengthening your friendship with those who are close to you. This month, people will find you especially charming and witty, so do not be surprised if you make some new acquaintances. This month, your friends will show you their appreciation of your friendship with a subtle kindness.

Someone may catch your eye this month, Capricorn. Beware, however, as this cutie could be a gold-digger, or simply someone who drains you of your resources, whether it is time, money, or energy. This person may turn out to be rather possessive. This month, you will be in the giving-mood, but be careful who you give to.

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  4. The summer has been hectic so far, with pro and con influences. August will be much more positive. It is a great opportunity to embrace a summer mantra:. This month, Aquarians will get the support of parents and friends. You will be able to finish the work in the office with the collaboration of colleagues. High officials will admire your work. There may be some expenses related to work. Your life style will be good. You are likely to travel somewhere during this time. Apart from this, you will be able to coordinate with children. You will arrange…. Working diligently and dealing with the big changes in your life, Venus retrograde—in your career zone—reveals what really matters in your quest to the top of the mountain.

    Happy birthday Capricorn! The Sun moves into your sign on December 21st; the winter solstice. With Saturn moving through your first house, hard work, responsibility, and discipline will be seriously cramping your party season style! Log in Sign up. Capricorn January You could start January feeling the weight of responsibility acutely.

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    Capricorn December Of course December is usually an expensive month when end of year festivities increase expenditure. Capricorn Monthly Horoscope July — Astroyogi. Capricorn monthly horoscope Capricorn capricorn july Capricorn Monthly Horoscope: December Happy birthday to our December Capricorns!

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    6. Capricorn July Horoscope. While you're not above turning on the charm to get what you want professionally, you can't stand such behavior from anyone else. Over the next several weeks, themes of fairness will emerge. If someone is playing you, you'll know it. However, you also need to hold yourself to such universal standards, so avoid behavior that's below you. If there's one thing you understand, it's putting in the work and the time rather than taking shortcuts.

      Speaking of time, your ruling planet Saturn, which governs time and restrictions, has been retrograde since April. In both your professional and personal life, Saturn asks you to be honest.

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      If you can do that, love and money await. However, if you've been going against your grain and putting on a facade, opportunities will pass you by and you risk becoming cynical. When Saturn goes direct on Wednesday, September 18 , it's time to act on the personal realizations you've had over the last six months. The next day, Thursday, September 19 , marks an astrological occurrence that only happens once this year. Mars in diligent Virgo trines Pluto, lord of the underworld, in your sign.

      Despite the deathly connotations, this transit is bursting with luck. Ask for what you want and you're likely to get it. However, on Sunday, September 22 , communication planet Mercury squares your ruling planet Saturn, which is at home in your sign. For the next few days expect communication to be a bit murky, so once again, watch your words. However, that doesn't mean you can't go have some fun when Libra season begins on Monday, September This sign is all about partnership, but because it's ruled by Venus , it also means beauty.

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      When was the last time you bought new makeup or took some time for self-care? You work hard and party hard, but what about rest? Use the new moon on Saturday, September 28 to take care of you. Find Sophie on Instagram and Twitter. By Kaleigh Fasanella.