Suggested spell ingredients: a bestie necklace you buy for yourself to commemorate your greatest love affair yet, an afternoon spent floating in a body of water, and an altar devoted to your dreams. Taurus, this summer is all about stepping into new roles for you, and this Full Moon is all about connecting to feelings of worthiness, peace, and abundance. What you have to say is important on a larger level. Get your mission statements and ideas out of your head and into the world. The work at this Full Moon just might be opening up enough to let others help you help yourself.

Twin Star, you are all lit up! As this Full Moon lands as we wrap up Gemini season, it is both a and a bright new beginning for you. Make bold moves that will eventually make you big money. Make big moves that will create big magic. There could be pulls to go the same old way. There could be pressure to stay put. These impulses can be seductive, however you must resist the tendency to go for the tried and true. You want experiences that are going to open you all the way up. You want to be known for your biggest dreams, not your back-up plans.

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This Full Moon is a reminder of who you truly are when you are connected to your fire. Make sure you bask in the glory of your own glow. Suggested spell ingredients: a fun day-trip, a fun night-trip, carnelian, sunstone, basil iced tea charged with moonlight, and messages in bottles designed to eventually wash up on different shores.

Cancer, this is a Full Moon to get out of your head and into your body. You need to make a decision in more than one area of your life, but ruminating to excess is just going to create more conflict. This Full Moon is telling you that you need to take a break from doing things in the same way. A pause, a rest, another way to read in-between the lines of your life.

This is a Full Moon to get out of your emotions, and into the sensations that magic can offer you. Shake it up, Sweet Moonchild. Do you need to do a spell outside?

July’s Full Moon Will Be Intense—and These 6 Signs Won’t Fare Well

Do you need to dance all night? Do you need to play with poetry? With singing? With a new herb? After this, you might have more luck with figuring out what needs to stay, and what needs to go. Start there. Suggested spell ingredients: green apple opal, malachite, a heart-to-heart with a favorite plant, abundance spells, and root magic.

If there ever was a Full Moon to create a feast and have your loved ones over, it is this one, Leo. The wonderful people that have been appearing in your life since the Spring Equinox are external reflections of all the growth that has been happening inside of your heart. Over time, abundant collaborations may come of these connections—this might even be happening already. This Full Moon time is ripe for synchronicities, and these will only come if you go out into the world to greet them.

Take at least 3 times this week to go somewhere pleasurable, to do something that will require you to engage with others. Show up. Share yourself. Remember that the joy you are given by others is in direct proportion to the joy you are equipped to gift freely. Suggested spell ingredients: matching mugs or bowls for you and your besties that you give out at a friendship ritual, a chalice charged with moonwater, and a bit of lemon quartz to put on your altar.

And yes, these tendencies could all absolutely be only with yourself; a distraction tool your subconscious has created to keep you feeling safe, or like a martyr. If you catch yourself playing yourself, ask yourself why. There could also be some external events that are causing you to start packing your metaphorical bags.

Whatever might be going on outside you is relying on what is inside of you to change. This is a Moon that pertains to your spiritual and intuitive transformation. It is truly up to you to define success—more specifically, what spiritual success means to you. In this very moment. Take the time at this Full Moon to touch it, feel it, taste it. Take this time to get clear on what you are journeying towards and what it will consist of when you find it. Let this Full Moon move you into an entirely different arena; one that is truly about getting to the master level with yourself.

12222 Taurus New Moon Oracle

Suggested spell ingredients: a turned-off phone, kunzite, lapis lazuli, a loving-kindness meditation, and a new pair of shoes. Opportunities abound for you at this Full Moon, Scorpio if you can look inward. Your mind is absolutely powerful and your communication style is ready to be assessed. It can be hard to take a step back and really observe ourselves: what we say, internally and externally. But this is what you must do if you are interested in growing in the way the Ace of Swords asks you to currently.

What is up for growth at this time is your power. Your personal power, the power of influence you have, the powerful ways in which you wield your tongue.

Planets, decans and minor arcana - Cult of Tarot Forum

Observe yourself in all manners of language. Would you want to hang out with your mind, if your mind was a person? When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself, try asking: is this true? When you catch yourself about to say something defensive or reactionary, try asking: will this ultimately be helpful? When you are making decisions both large and small, ask the question: will this add to my personal power?

Do not turn away from any impulses you have to write, to speak, to channel. Do not turn down any and all chances to share your power. Suggested spell ingredients: the dictionary app, fire breathing, mookaite, mahogany obsidian, dalmatian stone, peppermint, and birdsong—both natural or recorded.

Sometimes as we get older, we can become set in our ways. We can forget that we are eternally students. This Full Moon is asking you to step back into being a student in one or more areas of your life. Ask yourself: what do I want to learn? How can I start architecting my life around what I wish to be a student of? Combine what you already know or are good at, with what you are curious about.

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This is a Full Moon around new ways of thinking, reacting, communicating. One way to break the curse of limiting beliefs is with curiosity. The recipe in that fresh, new cauldron consists of one part attained knowledge, one part questioning, and one part mystery. Stir them up and see how the Full Moon alchemizes these elements. Last but not least, air angel: listen. Messages are coming through to you, multiple times a day. Make it a priority to carve out space to listen to these messages without prejudice.

Wrapped within a whisper might be the next great project of your life. Suggested spell ingredients: a cluster of clear quartz, a new blank notepad, and the energy of clouds and birds and angels and the wind. When the going gets tough, the tender hearts stay grounded. Gentle Archer, you are being asked to really live out your values right now.

There could be some external events you that are causing a bit of derailment at the moment. Sagittarius, even when life is swirling and whirling around you, come back to yourself. Remember what you know to be true.

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Get into your body, and your body will help give you answers and guidance. This has been your focus, and every week you get closer to embodying this. Suggested spell ingredients: gold flakes in a small vial you charge under this Full Moon, time spent earthing putting your bare feet on the earth , ways to express your magic, and an indigo blue forcefield you imagine around yourself at all times.

Sweet, strong Capricorn—this is a Full Moon that corresponds with your future and the way forward. A lot of your planning has been coming to fruition. Use the energy of achievement and accomplishment to lesson any resistance you have around continuing.

This Full Moon is the time to cast spells around what you want to be happening in your world by the beginning of December If you stay organized, and stay the course, you will absolutely see the results of your efforts. There are different ways of doing this, and some correspondences are debated. I want to present here the system of the Golden Dawn that is maybe most popular and well-known.

It's useful to know it because so many decks are based on it. The twelve tarot trumps associated with the zodiac sign don't mean that they have exactly the same meaning. But they are related, they have a lot in common, they throw light on each other. In mathematical language: an intersection. Knowing both helps understand each of them, and it's a useful tool in tarot study example: thinking about what Hierophant and Taurus have in common helps understand Hierophant better. And thinking about the areas outside the intersection throws each into sharper relief example: thinking about what Hierophant and Taurus DO NOT have in common helps understand Hierophant better.

We can either pair them with elements: Air - the Fool Water - the Hanged Man Fire - Judgement Earth - we have run out of tarot cards here so we can choose a double connotation here: the World Saturn and Earth All tarot cards are associated with elements, but these four cards represent their elements. If we can pair them with the newly discovered planets, this is what we get: Uranus - the Fool Neptune - the Hanged Man Pluto - Judgement How do we solve the double associations? It's not difficult; in esoteric thinking, many symbols are "loaded" with more than one meaning.

Here, it works well because the planets are associated with elements anyway. Leo after all comes before Libra, not after it. That's all very simple and gives rich possibilities to our readings. We can see whether an element dominates or is lacking, we can look for Venus in a love reading, Mars in a conflict reading etc, and we can the horoscope of the querent into account.

The sun sign alone is usually not enough. I'm not an astrologer but I find that knowing the Sun, Moon and ascendant sign gives quite a good basic outline of a personality. You can take the three trumps that represent these three signs and get a shorthand of your astrological personality. For me Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio, Ascendant Sagittarius that would be Hierophant, Death and Temperance - and when these cards turn up in my readings, I see them with a little exclamation mark.

They ask for my attention. It's even possible to lay out your horoscope in tarot cards. I have wanted to do that for AGES, maybe the time has come to do it now? Anyway, this information is very useful, and for modern tarot decks, really necessary to know. So many tarot creators have taken inspiration from astrology.

Some have treated astrology in the Golden Dawn tradition, others have found their own systems Holy Light Tarot, Journey into Egypt, Celestial - and if you know the basic Golden Dawn structure, it's easier to understand where, how and why new system change it. We have seen now how each tarot card has astrological associations, and each zodiac sign and planet have tarot cards associated with them. Obviously, if you have three cards associated with Mars turn up in one reading, the old warrior is asking for your attention.

There might be a conflict hidden somewhere, strong tension and latent aggression. I have scanned the Thoth cards associated with each zodiac sign: the major, the three decans that belong the sign, and the planets that rule the decans.